We want everyone to know why and how we created the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK, so this is a short introduction to help you understand this website and the project. We have included as much info as we could which has taken many months to go through all our records, files and various research documents along with our very detailed comprehensive Business Plan that took 5 years to complete, and was finished in June 2017.

As clearly stated in the letter to Christine Lagarde of the IMF (USA) in December 2017, from the founder of BULLIONBLOCK Ilias Bafas, that the mess and impending global economic catastrophe was their own doing and that they must accept responsibility and do what is necessary to take control so they can ensure the general public are not affected. Ilias also stated that the solutions to their incompetence described in the document he sent them was a gift, as his contribution to assist – even though he scolded them in his letter by being upfront and pointing out the truth.

Every person across the world must become aware that the reality is most, if not all governments are insolvent and all, if not most of the Banks have failed every stress test in the past 5 years.

The unfunded government liabilities and the social security cuts in the western countries are intensifying the pressure on people as household debt has approached pre-GFC crisis levels, along with the absence of significant growth in real wages thus we are witnessing the middle class disappear.

The global debt is now over 3 times higher than global GDP, on top of the largest housing bubbles across the world never seen before in history, and the growing volatility in financial markets – the world is in a much worse position now in comparison to pre-2007 that lead to the 2008 GFC.

The Politicians and central banks across the world have had the printing machines running 24/7 and thrown money at banks in an attempt to boost asset prices and revive the consumption-fuelled, debt-driven economy of pre-2008. The privatization of public assets, QE, ultra-low interest rates, the austerity strategies and social security cuts have all failed to reboot the system, but have resulted in creating inflation and devaluation of their currencies.

The impending global economic crisis is starting to be reported by MSN quoting analysts that are warning it is just around the corner, as of Q3 2018. In the IMF Global Financial Stability report (10 October 2018) they have highlighted an increase in the level of risk among multiple global metrics, and that all economic factors are pointing towards a serious global economic correction.

As described by the founder of BULLIONBLOCK in his reports and essays that have been posted on the internet since 2012, he states that the next global economic correction will collapse the entire system and will make the 2008 GFC, along with all past economic market recessions including the 1930s Great Depression look like a picnic.

Whatever the case is, that triggers the markets to correct, it’s only a matter of time before their short term tricks such as running the fiat-currency printing machines 24/7, the low interest rates experiment and the quantitative easing ends very painfully for the USA, the EU, and the global economy.

We feel it is important to share this message and information to all people across the world. We have attempted to make this as informative and engaging as possible and have included various related visual reports below. These visual reports below and on other pages of the website have been produced by a dynamic group of people at Visual Capitalist in Canada, we consider their outstanding work as a wonderful community initiative that helps people easily understand topics that are of importance.

We trust you will also feel the same and encourage you to take the time and arm your selves with Knowledge so you can position your loved ones and your selves to thrive during the one chance in a lifetime, the last time this opportunity took place was the Great depression of the 1930s.

Yes, the founders do not see doom and gloom, they consider this to be an opportunity and believe that the BULLIONBLOCK Decentralized Borderless Fintech will not only shield our wealth (cash savings), but place people (the common man) in a position to benefit and thrive.

There is a convergence around global capitalism’s political need for social control and repression and its economic need to perpetuate accumulation in the face of stagnation.

Their concept for a global police state allows us to identify how the economic dimensions of global capitalist transformation intersect in new ways with political, ideological and military dimensions of this transformation. When the next crisis hits, the general public from all corners of the earth must be in a position to seize the initiative and to push back at their global police state.

The transnational capitalists and global elites are making claims and acting confident that the world economy has recovered from the 2008 GFC, but in reality there is another crisis of major proportions that looms on the horizon, and they know it. The entire monetary system collapsed in 2008, it was much more than a crisis. So how can it recover?

Furthermore, all the attempts to fix the global monetary system have failed as we explain on the Banking Problem page, please also refer to our references links and research videos in the Reference page and in the Research page of this website.

The R-Evolution will not be Centralized – Join the BULLIONBLOCK Journey!

Date 21.08.2018

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist