We explored beyond the boundaries of familiarity, which has lead us to confront the status quo!

The BULLIONBLOCK Aim Is To Restore True Democracy With A Decentralized Bullion Backed Cryptocurrency Production By Blockchain – Governed By The Free-Market Axiom Of Human Activity.

We want to see fractional reserve banking abolished, but also see the return of sound money and go back to a modernized version of the Gold standard that suits the world today – thus we have created BULLIONBLOCK.

However, in today’s modern world we are not suggesting establishing a gold standard, let alone a gold standard with government sponsored central banking. BULLIONBLOCK takes the view that a free market money is the solution, under which a crypto (digital) currency that is backed by physical gold and silver bullion is best suited for money.

We uncompromisingly call for replacing debt-backed fiat currency with free-market money — meaning money produced by the free interplay of the supply of and demand for money.

Such a recommendation has a firm economical ethical footing, which by free market money is the only monetary order that is compatible with private property rights, the governing principle of the free market society.

The focus on private property rights does not only follow from natural rights theory, but it can be ultimately justified on the basis of the self evident, irrefutable axiom of human action.

We therefore argue for the decentralization of money production, shutting down the federal (central) banks, and letting the market decide what kind of money people want to use.

Government wouldn’t have to play any active role in the workings of a free market monetary system, thus replacing centralization with decentralization.

One may hold the view that as history has shown precious metals — in particular gold and silver would be the freely chosen and universally accepted means of exchange. In other words, gold and silver bullion could become money once again if people have a free choice in monetary matters.

The BULLIONBLOCK Business Plan has taken into account the bilateral credit risk spill-over’s that became central to our research analysis of the current unsustainable global economic and monetary system. The company structure is much more technological than financial, our main goal is to redefine mobile financial services on a global scale.

We developed BULLIONBLOCK for the purpose of providing a real alternative to the current Banks and money system that enables users full control of their money – to shield against another global financial crisis and or something much worse, such as a systematic debt collapse.

BULLIONBLOCK does not exclude people from the system, and will not impose any minimum account balance requirements, low balance fees or account fees upon the User. The Crypto Mint Bullion backed Blockchain (BULLIONBLOCK) ecosystem will deliver fast and secure private options for remittance and financial transactions that will be protected by physical Gold and Silver bullion.

BULLIONBLOCK is a Blockchain powered Fintech, a digital online mobile money Platform providing borderless e-Wallet account products and services. Blockchain technology will eliminate the control systems and the need for centralized institutions such as banks and/or governments to facilitate trade, thus evolving age old models of commerce and finance that do not serve today’s modern world into something far more interesting: a distributed transparent, autonomous system for exchanging value.

By converting fiat currency through the Crypto Mint crypto assets, you not only ensure liberty to move and cross borders freely without fear, but you retain 100% value of your wealth at journey’s end. As the fiat currency system continues to devalue and many start to collapse, people will lose trust in paper money and seek alternative options.

The Crypto Mint Blockchain Technology (BULLIONBLOCK) has the potential to usher in “a new paradigm of economic cooperation”. The BULLIONBLOCK custom built platform will help the user convert fiat currency into bullion backed crypto-assets and reconvert these crypto-assets back into fiat currency to facilitate border crossings and international digital transactions. Carrying Gold or Silver bullion from one country to another can be problematic and frequently results in additional expenses, interrogation and in many cases it leads to confiscation.

The platform helps the User move his or her wealth in the form of physical Bullion backed money both rapidly and easily from one part of the world to another; and helps companies and individuals hedge their physical Bullion against market volatility and or for profit.

To explain our (BULLIONBLOCK) bullion backed blockchain in simple terms, the current tasks performed by the banking system is a centralized transaction database, clearing houses also known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), are replaced with a decentralized network of nodes to verify and confirm the transactions. Government systems have proven time and time over again that they are incompetent and inefficient bureaucracies and often prone to corruption. Implementing the blockchain system will reduce the established corridors of power and increase the efficiency and transparency of government systems.

The BULLIONBLOCK blockchain will be a custom built and designed platform specifically for the purpose of decentralized remittance solution that provides a central interface for all balances and transactions that will allow seamless access to the User’s funds and grant them the ability to direct them wherever required, including existing traditional bank accounts.

“As Airbnb completely upended the travel and hospitality business,
BULLIONBLOCK will do likewise to the Money Services and Remittance industry”

BULLIONBLOCK is an inflation hedge, as it will retain or increase in value the account balance of the currency during inflationary periods. Committing wealth reliant upon faith in fiat currencies may one day (soon) prove to be unwise. In layman’s terms, even if the price of gold does not rise or even possibly fall, it would still provide monetary protection against an unstable debt-driven economic environment.

In line with the original Blockchain philosophy and Satoshi’s vision, the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK is a digital mint that disseminates a Cryptocurrency backed by gold and silver bullion aiming to establish itself as an alternative option to conventional banking. We see the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK cryptocurrencies (Digital-Currency) to be advantageous for all people as they offer security and undermine conventionally attendant fees of banking.

The above key points are our main focus, including cryptocurrency integration. We see a worldwide systemic problem with banking today and believe this is where opportunity lies.

We have designed and incorporated our customer centric, innovative and trustworthy Bullion backed Online financial services App with Blockchain technology to offer a worldwide borderless Digital Money Account, suited for both personal and business.

Instant in real-time bullion-backed financial transactions –
with seamless low costs from anywhere, at anytime – worldwide

BULLIONBLOCK is a genuine H2H (Human-To-Human) designed Fintech that will give real value and accessibility to people who need it the most – the retirees, working class, the unbanked and underbanked, the entrepreneurs and SMEs, and this will resonate with the millennials!

In an increasingly cashless digital future, we will embrace emerging payment innovations to offer differentiated value-adding digital experiences; this will deepen the relationships with Users that will lead to a dominant place for BULLIONBLOCK in the changing global market landscape.

The company fintech services have been developed to offer the opportunity for underbanked and unbanked people of the world to connect with modern markets, and this will create a new source for growth to fuel the global economy.

Currently, billions of people are excluded from the global economic system due to various reasons, such as, they reside in unbanked nations or they are not allowed to open a bank account without an ID (birth certificate, passport, etc.) or simply cannot justify their savings/money.

We believe that value equation for customer-centric innovation comes down to shifting the focus from cost savings to revenue growth and a competitive differentiation. Our financial service business model starts with the customer in mind and incorporates them throughout the process, thus creating and elevating a new level of customer experience.

The design of our fintech business model is based on thorough research along with our own experiences – we come from a banking customer’s world, and understand the nuance of the customer experiences. We have anticipated future needs and will constantly challenge our existing business models and value propositions. Doing so will allow our company to mitigate future competitive threats and consistently deliver value.

Having a BULLIONBLOCK ACCOUNT (BBA) is virtually like having a BORDERLESS BANK ACCOUNT (BBA) that provides instant access to the customers money and financial affairs anytime and anywhere from a Phone, Tablet or Laptop. The user friendly and secure e-Wallet and Mobile App is similar to a traditional Mobile Banking App, it is safe and secure, but it is much faster, practical, and convenient with its casual easy to use design.

People will enjoy the cheapest available fees to make instant money or digital
asset transactions to friends and family, or business centres anywhere
worldwide – from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop!

In addition, unlike traditional banking, our platform is not tied to one specific government and or country – it is not tied or pegged to one specific currency. Therefore, it protects and shields against political unrest, market volatility and economic crises, thus can be called if you like, a legal form of underground banking.

However, underground no longer seems a negative alternative as Robert Neuwirth points out in his brilliant foreign policy article, “The Shadow Superpower“, that describes somewhat the philosophy of the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK economic platform.

“If aggregated, this $10 trillion global black market is the world’s second largest economy after the United States and is also the world’s fastest growing economy. The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) projects that, by the year 2020, fully two-thirds of the world’s workers will inhabit this shadow economy, or “System D.” As Neuwirth elaborate; “It refers to the entire untaxed, unlicensed, and unregulated cash-based economy: System D is a slang phrase pirated from French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean.  The System D essentially translates as the ingenuity economy, the economy of improvisation and self-reliance, the do-it-yourself, or DIY economy”.

The BULLIONBLOCK bullion backed fintech start-up is a next-generation mobile digital financial service application powered by blockchain technology. All customer accounts are secured by physical Gold and Silver bullion. Our Blockchain platform allocates the precious metals to the account balance of the customer upon every transaction the individual customer makes.

Our integrated digital fintech Bullion-backed Blockchain ecosystem provides transparent Mobile Digital Financial Services, Payment Gateway and International Remittance services to the on-demand economy; which enables the User to save, trade, share, move and/or pay their bills, or pay their business accounts/staff and receive payments.

Our business model is designed with a combination of the four schools of analysis (fundamental, technical, quantitative and behavioral) that facilitates multi cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies backed by physical bullion as a real alternative solution to the centralized conventional faceless banking and problematic monetary system. Behavioral economics were used to design the BULLIONBLOCK frictionless customer on-boarding strategic plan, and incorporated into our workforce process.

Our Community Values

The BULLIONBLOCK fintech business model is designed to create Community Value. In BULLIONBLOCK ‘Community’ means;

  • All within BULLIONBLOCK;
  • Our Associated Companies, Partners, and Stakeholders;
  • The International Community, i.e., the One World Human Family;
  • The Natural Environment and the Planet.

In BULLIONBLOCK ‘Value’ means;

  • Playing an important role in protecting the dignity of the human spirit, the privacy and freedoms of humanity in the new world economy.
  • A financial system that is free from failures and economic distress caused by the banking sectors moral hazard.
  • To help eradicate the abuse of the power that is a result from a concentrated market.

We will realize our Community Value;

  • By offering an alternative to the threats and risks that affect the freedoms of humanity from the financial system: and,
  • Promote financial inclusion to the 2 billion unbanked people around the world: by,
  • Providing the borderless platform that creates financial independence to all individuals, households and businesses regardless of geographical location;
  • Thereby contributing to the growth of the global GDP.
  • Work with related non-government organizations and government legislators and reporting entities.

BULLIONBLOCK aims to democratize and revolutionize the remittance personal and business money services sector, by offering a genuine alternative to the contemporary intermediaries such as banks and the current dominating remittance operators.  We are fiercely competitive and will ensure our customers always get the best deals and service delivery!

Very few digital financial start-ups in the private fintech growth sector have the same agility and disruptive innovator potential as BULLIONBLOCK.

BULLIONBLOCK Wallet Messenger Functionality

  • Our platform offers multi-mobile financial services that suit banked, unbanked and under-banked customer people from all walks of life
  • Our App is a desktop and mobile e-Wallet for international remittances and merchant payment solutions
  • With a built in Peer-2-Peer Function
  • Our platform combines cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency technology with traditional compliance
  • Seamless-Easy To Use
  • Transparent Service Delivery
  • Instant Real-Time Transactions
  • Safe & Secure
  • Real Customer Service
  • Low cost
  • Real-time settlement (2-5 seconds)
  • Regulatory compliance – KYC & AML
  • Automatic Live Currency Exchange With No Commissions
  • Secure and Fast bridge between Cryptocurrencies and Multi Fiat Currencies
  • Enables customers to pay remotely for services such as utilities, taxes, fines and loans
  • Reloadable Debit Card integrated with the e-Wallet
  • Transaction History stored in the e-Wallet
  • And Much Much More!
  • Private & Group Chat – options like Whatsapp
  • Profile – update on any device
  • Audio & Video Call
  • Text, Image, Audio, Video, Gif, Live Location, Documents, stickers, Translator
  • Money Transfer Methods: Mobile Number, Chats, QR Code, Debit Card
  • Local DB – offline use like Whatsapp
  • Secret Chat – options like Telegram
  • Group Chat
  • Message Info – like WhatsApp
  • Group Audio Call
  • Common Group Info – like WhatsApp
  • Admin – Add and Remove participants like Telegram
  • Edit Group – name, description, pic.