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Next-Generation Borderless FinTech Blockchain Application

Wealth PreservationOur Bullion-backed Blockchain Fintech is being developed to reduce exposure to unstable global markets protecting against currency devaluation.

Wealth Preservation

Protect Your Money

BULLIONBLOCK protects money by moving it out of the broken-down debt-driven global monetary system and into a bullion-backed stable-digital currency.

Using proprietary blockchain fintech solutions, BULLIONBLOCK is an emerging alternative to the global financial system providing a borderless mobile money-preservation Wallet as a shield against currency devaluations, inflation, and the impending global economic crisis.

Hedge Against Inflation

The non-custodial BullionBlock Wallet system is designed to preserve currency purchasing power by backing the customer account balance with physical gold and silver bullion.

There are no contracts and no lock-up of the currency account balance although the Wallet system provides the option for the Wallet owner to call upon bullion anytime in the event of currency devaluations.

Decentralized Blockchain-based Governance

Who controls your money?

In uncertain times governments can and do make authoritarian decisions. Protect yourself with the BullionBlock Fintech Wallet App System.

Send and Receive MoneyInstantly send and receive money with just a single tap from our mobile app and website on any device.

Send and Receive Money

Send And Receive Payments In Minutes From Any Country In Any Currency.

Save Money – Enjoy Fast Low-Cost Transactions.

Anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone can access the BullionBlock financial ecosystems products and services — from anywhere — worldwide.

Easy, instant and secure global money transfers from any device, while also protecting the customer account from market volatility and inflation-prone fiat currencies.

BullionBlock is a decentralized global digital payment engine operating its own specifically designed and purpose-built highly secure digital Wallet App system.

Cross-Border TransactionsPay suppliers, merchants, contractors and more with our low-fee instant cross-border payments Platform.

Cross-Border Transactions

Transfer money across borders between any currencies for a fraction of the price you’re currently paying today.

Users will have access to the non-custodial BullionBlock Wallet app to fully control their money — and participate in global markets.

BullionBlock Wallet Messenger Key Features Include:

  • Hold Multi-Currencies
  • Payment Tracking SMS/Email Status Notifications
  • Real-time Mid-Market Foreign Exchange Currency Rates
  • Linked Debit Card for online/offline payments and ATM use
  • Real-time DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • View Your Multi-Currency Transaction History
  • Budgeting Tools
  • P2P Community Features
  • Optional Bullion-backed Currency Wallet
  • Live 24/7 Customer Service
  • mPOS and Direct Debit feature for businesses
  • Instant Real-Time Messenger

NO Account Fees – NO Currency Exchange Fees or Commissions

Problems BullionBlock Protects Against & Solves

Banking is Broken. The global monetary system is on the verge of total collapse.

The current centralized system of banking and financial services operate on the foundations of old and outdated technology, that is slow, unreliable, expensive, prone to cyber-crime, lacks privacy for the customer and does not process transactions in real-time.

All the efforts by the Central (Federal) Banks to head off a global recession with more QE and historic low interest rates will ultimately prove disastrous, and cause the debasement of money.

The intertwining of previously separate capital markets and money markets has produced a system with new dynamics as well as new vulnerabilities and risks.

The 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) revealed those risks and vulnerabilities for all to see. The result was two years of desperate action by central banking authorities as they tried this, and then that, to stem the collapse of the financial and banking system.

What is absolutely central to the crisis was the operation of key derivative contracts, most importantly credit default swaps and foreign exchange swaps.

This places banks, in both capital markets and money markets, at the very center of the picture, as profit-seeking suppliers of market liquidity to the new system of market-based credit.

The former USA Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan noted in his famous essay from Gold and Economic Freedom – “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.”

At the root of all financial bubbles, scams and scandals is the self-proclaimed “professionalism” of the bankers in the financial sector – is what Nobel Prize-winning economist Freidrick von Hayek referred to as “the pretence of knowledge”.

Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and former U.S. secretary of Energy, said – “Two schemes come to mind that explain how the world economy system works. One is the pyramid scheme. The other is the Ponzi scheme.”

During Davos January 2020, Kristalina Georgieva the new head of the International Monetary Fund said – “the current global economic system risks a return of the 1930s Great Depression.”

How much longer can governments and banks continue with failed policies?

The global financial system is a casino where the gamblers are the banks. The banks take deposits and lend money which is called fractional-reserve banking, and this underpins the financial system on which society rests.

The bankers caused the 2008 GFC by lending too much money to finance speculation rather than investment, and vastly multiplying the leverage on their balance sheets and betting through derivatives and then losing control.

The banks have lost control of the derivatives once again, but now the amount of derivatives outstanding has actually grown by so much that no-one knows exactly the mess that has been created.

The central banks have created a dangerous weakness in the global monetary system with low-interest rates and printing more money out of paper.

The global bond markets are in a huge “bubble,” particularly sovereign debt as more and more countries are unable to pay their public debts due to low economic growth.

Ultimately, this will have a real effect on the banking system as we know it today, and on the value of fiat currencies.

QE Is Depreciating The Value of Currencies: QE programs have led to the debasement of the USD. And all major currencies are plunging across the board against the USD.

European Bond Yields Are Negative: European governments currently have over an estimated $1.5 trillion in negative yields.

Record High Central Bank Balance Sheets: Asset purchases by the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, and the ECB are bloating balance sheets to historic record levels. The world’s top 10 central banks have expanded their holdings by over 265% since the 2008 GFC.

The QE policy, low to zero interest rates and the expansion of debt, has only made the problems worse — which is now shining a light on the real issues with the governments and banks worldwide.

The level of debt is now over $200 trillion globally, in other words three times the size of the global economy.

But here is the real question that needs to be answered: “Who is going to pay all the debt?”

Currently 40% of low-income countries are in ‘debt distress’ and many more are at high risk of falling into that category in the near future.

Public debt in all advanced economies is the highest as a proportion of GDP it has been since World War II.

The global economy is on life-support running on credit.

Nearly all nations economies around the world are having growth forecasts cut.

The warning bells have begun of the next global crisis expected around mid 2020, with forecasts to be worse than the 1930s Great Depression.

According to the latest Global Banking Annual Review (Oct 2019), The last pit stop?‘ published by McKinsey Consulting, the new survey found that more than half of the world’s banks are too weak to survive the next recession and calls for urgent action before the next down-turn in the global economy. The consulting firm said in this latest global banking review that more than a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, banks still have not regained the profitability they enjoyed in 2007. Furthermore, over 60% of banks worldwide don’t generate their cost of equity.

Today’s financial system is attacking your money and wealth.

How much longer can governments and banks continue with failed policies?

The Future Of Banking Is Here

Lower Fees, Easy Instant Transactions, Borderless Payment Gateway and No Currency Exchange Fee

BullionBlock was created to help people and businesses control their own money, manage risk and reduce costs.

Cheap Instant Money Transfers

With a few simple clicks, send and receive money within a matter of minutes.

Empowering The Unbanked

More than two billion people worldwide are ignored by the banking system.

Currency Preservation Wallet

BullionBlock is an inflation hedge protecting the purchasing power of money.

The BullionBlock All-In-One Next-Generation FinTech Wallet Messenger App Democratizes Access To The Future Of Digital Financial Services For Everyone Worldwide.

The Benefits of BULLIONBLOCK

Disrupt The Broken Banking System

BullionBlock was designed from the ground up to democratize the global banking system a crippling zero-sum system that breeds poverty worldwide.

Decentralized Anti-Authoritarian

Backed by physical bullion and completely decentralized means BullionBlock is borderless, secure, and resistant to manipulation by central banks.

Control Your Financial Future

A stable financial system that frees you to use your money how you please anywhere in the world.

Non-Custodial BullionBlock Wallet App

The non-custodial BullionBlock Wallet is highly secure and easy to use.

Blockchain Global FinTech Platform

BullionBlock users will enjoy full-privacy of their  information and full control of their money from anywhere on any device.

Affordable Cross-Border Transactions

Affordable Cross-Border Transactions

In the current system, it’s very expensive to send money across borders; the average global remittance fee is 7%.

Through BULLIONBLOCK, remittance fees will be below 3%.

Censorship Resistant Transactions

Censorship Resistant Transactions

Blockchains can’t be interfered with or shut down by governments.

BULLIONBLOCK user’s privacy and wealth is protected. Store Crypto and Fiat Currencies Use your BullionBlock Wallet to securely store a wide variety of crypto and fiat currencies for free.

Money-Saving Currency Exchange

Money-Saving Currency Exchange

BullionBlockʼs innovative and proprietary Crypto Mint Decentralized Exchange powers your Wallet’s ability to transfer between crypto and fiat currencies.

Without friction and with no exchange rate fees or commissions.

Gold, Silver Bullion-backed Wallet

Gold, Silver Bullion-backed Wallet

Your BullionBlock Wallet Account Balance is protected with gold and silver bullion.

Regardless of how volatile crypto and fiat markets become, your BullionBlock Wallet Account balance value remains stable.

Easy Digital Payments

Easy Digital Payments

Send and receive payments from any country in any currency.

Take advantage of BullionBlockʼs extensive e-commerce merchant ecosystem to seamlessly conduct business at a fraction of the cost you are paying today.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

Take advantage of the optional no-contract Bullion-backed Wallet Account for a 0.0075% daily fee of the account balance.

Example: A $10k balance x 0.0075% fee charged daily is around 20 cents.

So, if gold is $1,400 per ounce, the BULLIONBLOCK system will allocate 7.14 ounces in Storage to the Wallet account and charge a fee of 20 cents.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

In the current system, custodial institutions put people’s wealth and information at risk.

BULLIONBLOCK users have custody of their wealth and can transact securely without validation from a central party.

Equality for All

Equality for All

There are a variety of barriers that prevent access in the current financial services system.

With the BullionBlock decentralized non-custodial Wallet system, a farmer in a remote region of Cambodia or in Africa will have the same level of access as a Wall Street trader in New York or a Banker in London.

Digital FinTech Solutions

Digital FinTech Solutions

Our digital borderless mobile Smart Wallet Messenger App is a simple and secure decentralized Solution that improves efficiency in the way people manage money, buy, sell and pay bills.

BullionBlock aims to empower unbanked and banked individuals, and businesses around the world in ways that the legacy banks have failed to do so.

How Does BullionBlock Work?

Download Wallet

Download Wallet

Free App from Google Play or Apple App Store

Setup Your Wallet

Setup Your Wallet

Start saving money No Account Fees

Fund Your Wallet

Fund Your Wallet

From your Bank account or any Credit card

Use Your Wallet

Use Your Wallet

Enjoy your personal digital banking journey

Manage Your Wallet

Manage Your Wallet

Easily control your business finances