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Borderless Digital Wallet Payment Gateway
Redefining Global Financial Services for People and Businesses

The Decentralized Fintech that has combined the Demonstrable Reputation of Gold & Silver Bullion with the Trust, Transparency and Efficiency of Blockchain Technology.

The Future of Banking Without Banks

In 2024, the first phase of BULLIONBLOCK’S next generation cross-border fintech ecosystem powered by Blockchain Technology will go live on the Stellar network. The BullionBlock-RMB stablecoin is a multi-chain digital asset and will be available on other blockchains including XRP Ledger and Ethereum.

BULLIONBLOCK is creating efficient, highly secure, and sustainable mobile digital financial solutions that put people before profit. Offering the lowest transaction fees worldwide with physical Gold and Silver Bullion backed digital assets.

The company aim is to convert the world’s unbanked population into everyday contributors to the global economy.

The Bullion Backed Fintech, BULLIONBLOCK, represents a bridge between the real world and virtual world by creating a safe haven store of value onto the blockchain as a unique stable Token.

The BULLIONBLOCK Fintech is not a Bank. The BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is designed to replace day to day personal banking, business banking, and the banking needs of local, state, and federal governments.

BULLIONBLOCK will meet customer needs with new digital financial experiences by offering more options, negligible fees and personalized customer service.

The BULLIONBLOCK Fintech is a decentralized global money transfer ecosystem that enables personal and business financial autonomy to pay bills, transfer money, receive money with cash-in and cash-out of cryptocurrencies & fiat-currencies without banks.

Our aim is to financially empower people worldwide with a decentralized financial ecosystem that is governed by the objectivity of blockchain and backed by physical bullion reserves.

Stability, not volatility, is the key to a crisis-proof future
– and that is what we plan to deliver!

All customer accounts are protected and backed by physical bullion against currency depreciation and market volatility. BULLIONBLOCK is a financial preservation fintech, and has been designed as a inflation hedge to provide a safe-haven in times of market stress or turmoil.

With the BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem all customer account balances are a hedge against inflation, the platform is designed to protect people’s savings and wealth from the debasement of paper (fiat) currencies and from the scourge of inflation.

BULLIONBLOCK has been developed in response to the very significant macroeconomic, geopolitical, environmental, monetary and systemic risks facing our modern global financial system, fiat-currencies and economy.

The platform provides safe, easy and fast money transactions through Blockchain Technology, and offers much lower costs and less fee’s than the current legacy banks and financial services. BULLIONBLOCK enables 24/7 access to your money anytime-anywhere from a Phone, Tablet or Laptop with our user friendly and secure e-Wallet Mobile App.

The company is embracing emerging financial technology to provide innovative
products that will constantly evolve to deliver new digital mobile money
account experiences, that are diverse, transparent and honest.

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In The True Spirit Of Satoshi's Vision,
Fulfilling The Mission Of A Decentralized World

Crypto Currencies Must Not Follow the model of Fiat Currencies… It seems that Bitcoin has lost its central philosophy and now it’s all just about the money!

In a sense, what we’re trying to do with BULLIONBLOCK is what the Occupy Wall Street movement did, but in a different way. The Bullion backed Blockchain platform that we have named BULLIONBLOCK, is developed to occupy money, occupy finance, and take back value so it can protect the working class against the elites monetary casino.

BULLIONBLOCK is a product aligned with universal values — and that makes it all the more meaningful.

Independence and freedom are not established through middlemen (Banks, Credit Card companies, etc.) but only with a real and true mass consensus, through a decentralized network.


The R-Evolution Will Not Be Centralized!