Imagine Banking Without Banks

The Centralized Financial Sector Is On Its Way Out

Send, Receive, and Exchange Money without borders and within seconds

Money Is In Trouble

Today, there are nearly 2 billion adults without access to banking or affordable solutions for sending remittances abroad. More broadly, and of concern to those with bank accounts, is the increasing instability of centralized currencies brought on by the banking industry. To empower people with true financial freedom and encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, we need stable and decentralized financial ecosystems like BULLIONBLOCK.

Money Has Two Glaring Problems

Fiat currencies donʼt last. Given the undeniable track record of currencies, it is clear that on a long enough timeline the survival rate of all flat currencies drop to zero, making them highly unreliable stores of value. Moreover, because of market and regulatory failure, and money printing out of thin air that causes monetary inflation, in other words, price inflation.

The banking industry controls cash. The banking industry is centralized, for-profit, and has an overwhelming history of crisis, failure, and greed. The technologies employed by the banking industry have created an inefficient stranglehold over how we transact, which is why sending money is both inconvenient and unnecessarily expensive.

Thus the world has an incomplete financial services market with over 2 billion financially excluded adults, across developed nations such as Australia and the UK, and developing nations from Asia to Africa and beyond.

BULLIONBLOCK Solves Moneyʼs Problems

BULLIONBLOCK aims to solve these problems with a decentralized global stablecoin that can’t be abused by the banking sector and or government because it is distributed by decentralized blockchain technology.

Historically, gold and silver bullion have shown remarkable strength as stores of value. Combining the stability of bullion with the speed, security, and decentralization of blockchain has enabled us to create the worldʼs first stable financial ecosystem accessible via our simple and elegant app.

BULLIONBLOCKʼs technology makes sending, receiving, and exchanging both crypto and fiat currencies simple, fast, and inexpensive – all without requiring a bank account.

What Can You Do With BULLIONBLOCK?

Transfer money across borders as fast as email between any currency at a fraction of the price you currently pay today.

Make & Accept Payments

Easy instant and secure global payments while protecting your account from market volatility and devaluing fiat currencies.

Protect Your Money

Protects money by moving it out of the broken-down global monetary systems into a true stable-digital currency account.

Send & Receive Money

Lowest fees worldwide to send money either to your families or send & receive businesses payments instantly.

Instant remittances – With a few simple clicks, send and receive international remittances within a matter of minutes.

Easy digital payments – Send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. Take advantage of BULLIONBLOCKʼs extensive eCommerce merchant ecosystem to seamlessly conduct business.

Stable cryptocurrency – Your money is protected by the BRMB stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the Chinese CNY currency. Regardless of how volatile crypto and fiat markets become, your BULLIONBLOCK wallet value remains stable.

Exchange currencies – BULLIONBLOCKʼs innovative and proprietary Crypto Mint Decentralized Exchange powers your walletʼs ability to exchange betwen crypto and fiat currencies without friction.

Store crypto and fiat – Use your borderless BullionBlock Wallet to securely store a wide variety of Stablecoins on the Stellar network.

The BULLIONBLOCK Token (BRMB Token) – is a stablecoin pegged to the RMB that can be held and spent the way we use any fiat currency as money today.

In 2023, BULLIONBLOCK completed the initial integration phase into the Stellar Ecosystem to establish the BRMB stablecoin as a digital payment solution that will provide highly secure next-to-zero instant transactions.

BRMB will be the first Chinese currency stablecoin to integrate SEP 1-31 and join the other services that currently support the Stellar protocol. The collateralised digital representation of the Chinese Yuan, the BRMB stablecoin is pegged 1:1 with the Chinese fiat CNY currency.

BULLIONBLOCK’s mission is to empower everyone anywhere in the world to send and receive money through the global Stellar network of anchors that connects to traditional banking rails.

BRMB’s seamless payment experience will empower users to send remittances or make payments globally much cheaper, secure and faster settlements.

The BRMB’s functionality on the Stellar blockchain network will enable users worldwide through any Stellar-enabled Wallet to make and receive payments, and or trade with other Stellar-based stablecoins via the Stellar decentralised exchange (DEX).

In 2024, the BRMB multi-chain stablecoin will be available on more blockchain networks.

Low Fee, Fast, Secure Fintech Platform

BULLIONBLOCK will operate through a highly secured strong network of remote servers in various regional locations hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server. Each user transaction is resolved in between 3 to 5 seconds.

Highly Scalable Business Model

BULLIONBLOCK is a next generation Fintech offering global transactions that are simpler and cheaper, which will be among the few that combine multi crypto and fiat currencies on a user-friendly platform, Reduced transaction costs by around 40% to the current market.

Identified Global Need & Growth Opportunities

BULLIONBLOCK onboarding will be quick and seamless for the user, whilst meeting the legal KYC and AML regulations. The first impressions of our app design will be trustworthy, fun and useful, that provides valuable insights in an engaging casual way.